CDPAP is a kind of care in which the consumer is in control of all aspects of their own care in their own home, from choosing their own caregiver to creating their own schedule.

What makes CDPAP Great:
• You can be in control and can direct your own care in your own home.
• You can have someone you know and trust as a caregiver.
• There is no language barrier or cultural mismatch.
• Personal Assistant can perform simple nursing tasks.

Some challenges with CDPAP:
• You are in charge of finding coverage when your personal assistant needs time off.
• You will need to seek out social and recreational events at local facilities.

Perfect for:
• Those who are in need of assistance with day-to-day functional tasks.
• Those who have a family member, neighbor, or friend who can provide this care.
• Those who would prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own home.

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Traditional homecare is provided by a licensed professional to provide daily living assistance such as tending to personal hygiene to light housekeeping duties around the patient’s home.

What makes Home Care Great:
• You can get a professional home health aide to provide assistance in your own home.
• You don’t need to worry about transportation or moving.
• When you find the right caregiver, you can cultivate a great relationship that will result in dedicated care and companionship.
• It’s great preventative care that can keep you out of the hospital

Some challenges with Home Care:
• It may be hard to find the right caregiver that is compatible with your needs and culture.
• You will need to seek out social and recreational activities at local facilities.

Perfect for:
• Those who are in need of assistance with day-to-day functional tasks.
• Those who do not have family members, neighbors or friends who can provide this care.

Adult Daycares provide transportation to and from the center where seniors are able to receive therapeutic and nursing services and participate in socialization and recreational activities during the day.

What makes Adult Daycares great:
• You can receive your therapeutic services at these centers.
• There are a variety of social and interactive activities to keep you stimulated.
• There are usually many recreational activities for you to explore.
• Pick-up and drop-off is offered to all of the members enrolled in this service.

Some Challenges with Adult Daycares:
• In order to stay enrolled in an adult daycare program, you must also be enrolled for home care services. Either CDPAP or regular homecare would be fine.
• If you have specific dietary needs, most adult daycare programs would not be able to accommodate those needs.

Perfect for:
• Those who are already receiving home care services but are seeking extra mental and social stimulation.
• Older adults who do not require extensive care or special dietary accommodations.

Assisted Living Facilities offer apartments within their facilities that will provide help with routine daily tasks such as tending to personal hygiene, housekeeping duties, with the additional benefit of 24-hour supervision and security.

What makes Assisted Living Facilities great:
• You have your own private apartment, complete with a kitchen and bathroom.
• You are able to get around the clock care if your health needs are more extensive.
• You will receive the benefits of both home care and adult daycares within one facility.

Challenges with Assisted Living Facilities:
• Even with Medicaid funding, assisted living facilities can be extremely costly for seniors.
• It can be challenging to adjust to policies the facilities have in place.
• For more medically-involved seniors, such as those suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. will not receive the proper care they need.

Perfect for:
• Those who are seeking the whole package with care and socialization, but still want to have their own space and freedom.

Nursing homes offer 24-hour care by licensed professionals to provide medical services, grooming help, and memory care.

What makes nursing homes great:
• You can receive full-time medical care as well as receive all your therapeutic services on site.
• There are structured schedules to keep you active, as well as socially and mentally stimulated.
• It is easier to find companionship with the other residents of the nursing home.

Some Challenges with Nursing Homes:
• With all the horror stories we hear, finding the right home with the right culture, right attitude, right services can be challenging.
• The structured schedules can make you feel a lack of freedom and independence.
• The living arrangements and the around the clock care eliminates privacy.
• Because of the extensive care provided, it is extremely costly.

Perfect for:
• Those who are extremely medically involved or whose health conditions are worsening.
• Those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s.